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Healthcare is one of the basic needs of human beings. Through this sector, there is unlimited opportunity to stand by the side of the deprived people of treatment, to participate in the service of people of all classes and professions, and to conduct safe business activities on the basis of honesty. In Bangladesh, the medical infrastructure is inadequate compared to the need. Although some institutions have been established, they are unable to meet the desired standards of quality and responsibility. On the other hand, it is not possible for many to bear the cost of treatment in quality institutions. As a result, countless people are suffering in various ways. Therefore, the public’s distrust of the country’s healthcare system is increasing continuously. This has been even more evident in the Covid-19 situation. As a result, many suffering patients are forced to seek treatment outside the country, including neighboring countries.

Therefore, with the great determination to ensure the best possible healthcare for all levels of people, we want to contribute to the country’s healthcare sector by establishing a full-fledged hospital along with our capabilities. Three hospitals/diagnostic centers in Dhaka’s Saidabad, Khilgaon, and Demra are successfully operating under our supervision.

Therefore, we have decided to build a new full-fledged hospital with the determination to embed ourselves in every level of modern medicine. The involvement of some enterprising and humanitarian individuals of the society is required to implement the said decision and expectation. Through this, we want to brighten up the worldly and otherworldly life through the desired arrangement of state-of-the-art healthcare for all levels of people in this time of technological excellence. In this case, we seek the sincere prayers and cooperation of all.

Mission & Vision


To contribute to society by expanding the desired healthcare services for all classes and professions of people by maintaining the highest standards through the use of the world’s most advanced technologies at a relatively low cost. Islamia hospitals Bangladesh provides safe, high quality care, accident service to improve service the health of our community.

To become the superior in caring for people in the health sector to achieve the satisfaction of Allah (SWT) in this earthly life and here after.



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